Owning your property is easier when Westwinds Real Estate is involved. We partner with motivated investors who recognize the importance of maintaining their property values, keeping tenants happy and vacancy rates low. We offer advice on rental market rates, help you increase your investment portfolio, or find buyers when you’re ready to sell or exchange.

Our online AppFolio property management tool gives investors direct access to customized property information. Use this platform to view monthly financial statements and paid invoices. Tenants benefit from the tool as well, with 24/7 access for submitting maintenance requests, paying rent, or viewing payment history.

You won’t have to worry about repairs or preventive maintenance; we’ll handle it for you. Our extensive network of contractors, vendors, and in-house maintenance technicians are available every day to conduct timely and professional plumbing, carpentry, mechanical, appliance, and electrical repairs.

Research indicates that every $1 of deferred maintenance leads to $4 in capital expenses later. Westwinds Real Estate conducts regular maintenance, from changing HVAC filters to conducting roof inspections, in order to keep operating costs in check and prevent small issues from becoming costly problems down the road.

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